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  1. BLUE

    Cobian Men's ARV 2 Sandals

    Cobian Men's ARV 2 Sandals The ARV 2 molds around your foot the second you put it on. The anatomically correct footbed provides a pre-broken in feel that is a treat for your feet. This sandal is perfect to help your feet recover from a serious run or a long day at work. Comfortable durable synthetic strap Anatomically correct molded footbed with cush logo arch patch Durable TPE bottom-sole Learn More
  2. MOCHA

    Cobian Men's Floater Sandals

    Cobian Men's Floater Sandals The Floater is the epitome of a relaxation sandal. The soft-brushed footbed and smooth synthetic strap are perfect to keep your feet cool atop the deck while poolside barbecuing with good friends, and it actually floats! Comfortable soft synthetic strap. Squishy brushed EVA top-sole. Learn More


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